Certificate of Authenticity

Since 2009, every artwork created by Hosana Bezerra has been photographed, cataloged and stored in a central database. This enables us to easily authenticate and track the whereabouts of Hosana's paintings.

Since 2010, a Certificate and a Seal of Authenticity has accompanied all purchases of original artwork from Hosana, whether it was acquired directly from his studio, auction or from a gallery representing him. If you own artwork of Hosana, dated prior to 2010 , it would be our pleasure to issue a Certificate and a Seal of Authenticity for you. If this is of interest, please download the form below, fill it out and send it to along with a high resolution photograph of your painting.

We vigorously protect our intellectual property rights and any unauthorized use of Hosana's artwork will be fully prosecuted. It is unlawful to copy artwork or use Hosana's name or images without our permission. We thank you for understanding and value your assistance in protecting the integrity of Hosana's creations.

Click here to download the Certificate of Authenticity Form